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WBM100 Wine News & Reviews

"This is an absolute benchmark for Australian rosé and can mix it up with the world’s best.."
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Decanter Magazine
December 2007

Decanter Magazine"An impressive Mataro (Mourvedre) Shiraz blend from the Barossa Valley..." Read more


2007 Adelaide Review
Hot 100 South Australian Wines
The Adelaide Review

"You drink rosé first with your eyes and this wine’s deep salmon colour really whets the thirst."
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The Weekend Australian
September 2007
The Australian

"Spinifex wines stand out from the crowd with their imagination and daring: a superbly savoury 2006 rosé, for example..." Read more


The Age (Melbourne) Magazine
July 2007

The age"This is one fine “Rhone” blend - in this case grenache, shiraz and cinsault." Read more


The Adelaide Review
July 20 - August 2, 2007
The Adelaide Review

"The Spinifex contribution harks close to the sweet spot, the wines are soulful and sturdy..."
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James HallidayJames Halliday
Australian Wine Companion
2008 Edition

"The focus at Spinifex is the red varieties which dominate in the south of France..." Read more


Wine Spectator Online

Wine Spectator"Lithe, vibrant and distinctive for its meaty blueberry and burnt sugar notes that remain supple and refined through the generous finish." Read more


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